Kinesiology College Hervey Bay is a campus of Kinesiology Schools Australia (KSA) – a Nationally Recognised Training Organisation (RTO) 30916. We offer a variety of short courses and workshops for those interested in finding out more about kinesiology and in looking after their own health. We also offer the HLT52415 Diploma of Kinesiology for Full-time and Part-time students.


2017 Learning Options

Do you want flexible learning options?
Do you need a program tailored especially for you?

At KSA Hervey Bay we are a boutique college. We have small class sizes and flexible learning options. In 2017 we are trialling a Rolling Intake policy. This means you can start whenever you are ready - even now!

Do you want to become a professional kinesiology practitioner?

Your best option is to enrol in the Diploma. Click here to see your Full-time and Part-time study options.

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Not sure if you want to tackle the Diploma? Do you want to learn kinesiology to support your family and friends?

You could start with our Self-care workshop - both days (BKP101), and be prepared to continue learning through BKP102, BKP103, BKP104, BKP105 and BKP106 workshops. You can pay as you go and stop anytime. Once you have completed BKP106, it opens up the door to the advanced PKP workshops, allowing you to learn more along the topics you are interested in. And all workshops can go towards the Diploma.

NEW K-Power® Courses

K-Power® puts the power of choice and change back into your hands. Discover new ways to relieve stress, increase stamina, make better decsions and improve your understanding of yourself and the people around you.

K-Power® is the latest training programme developed by Dr Bruce and Joan Dewe. It comprises a series of half-, one- and two-day workshops with a wide range of applications. Some are aimed at lay-people wanting to better manage their stress and energy levels, others are geared towards professional health practitioners wishing to expand their skills. Something for everyone.

K-Power® Course Page

Student Clinic

Our 2016 intake Diploma class are currently practicing their skills on the general public and we are always grateful for new volunteers. These students are honing their skills and completing their assessments. We ask for a donation of $10 or $20 depending on the skill level /experience of the student practitioner. KSA Hervey Bay collects these donations and passes them on to Hervey Bay Special School (HBSS). Last year our client/volunteer donations helped the HBSS install new shade areas for their students to play in.

Supervised Student Clinic times will be on Fridays at 3.15pm. Bookings are essential. You would normally receive a series of 3 treatments from the one student, before progressing to another student practitioner.

It is a very valuable experience for our students to practice charging a fee and receiving the funds. It is also important that you have some vested interest in the improvement of your health and well being. Please notify us if you would like to be on our list of client/volunteers (even if you've told us before, as it is helpful to know who is still interested, and this way our list is always current).

Phone 07 4128 4331, email:

Information Sessions and Open Days

You are invited to contact our campus and arrange a tour with Susan. We are also happy to spend time clarifying the Diploma course with explanations, giving demonstrations and examples of the kinesiology training we offer in Hervey Bay. This can be done face to face or on the phone (but obviously I can't demonstrate much on the phone).

Do you want to RPL your existing kinesiology training?

If you have partly completed another Kinesiology qualification (such as TFH or Certificate IV), please talk to us about how we can support you through the RPL process. KSA Hervey Bay is happy to assess and provide gap training for those with kinesiology experience outside of ICPKP. After you have been assessed, we can identify if there are gaps between your previous training and the requirements of the current kinesiology diploma qualification. We can offer a 3 -day bridging course that allows us to enrol you into only the specific PKP courses you need.

Perhaps you have another qualification you want to RPL?

We have no desire to teach you to suck eggs. If you have the knowledge and skill great, let's get you acknowledged for that. There's a catch though, the RPL process still requires Authentic, Reliable, Valid and Current evidence from you.

The RPL process is often lengthy and can be confusing for those not familiar with RTO requirements. KSA Hervey Bay is committed to supporting you to get the recognition you deserve. RPL forms are available on the website, or you can call us and we can have an informal chat about your options.

Would you like to learn kinesiology at an easy pace and in a
small classroom setting?
Students practicing at Kinesiology College Hervey Bay

Situated in Pialba, the heart of Hervey Bay QLD, Kinesiology College Hervey Bay allows students from the Wide Bay Burnett and Fraser Coast region to study close to home in a relaxed and professional setting. Fly in, fly out also allows students from regional Queensland to study with us.

Studying kinesiology with us offers you:

Please contact us with any questions and queries or to express your interest in joining us for kinesiology training.

Kinesiology Schools Australia (KSA) offers the highest quality Kinesiology training available and is accredited with the International College of Professional Kinesiology Practice.

What Exactly is Kinesiology?

If you would like to find out more about Kinesiology, you can follow this link to our Breathe Easy Therapies website (opens in a new window)


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